We are in the process of adding two bedrooms and moving the existing bathroom and we decided we wanted a vessel sink. So instead of buying a new counter top I decided to try and paint the one that came with the vanity when we built the house years ago. We had not used it or cut a hole in because we bought a sink/vanity top that was one piece. Sooo...after reading several blogs and friends advice I decided to try it. I am very happy with it! I'm now wanting to do my kitchen counters, just trying to decide on the colors. Below are the supplies I used and what worked for me......I hate to keep reblogging something someone else has blogged about but maybe I can add something to someone's research.

1-2 cans of gold spray paint (I used this as my primer)
2 bottles each of 3 different shades of acrylic paint (I used metallic paint...luscious!)
Black acrylic paint
Various size paint brushes
Plastic grocery sacks
Resin (mine was around $20 from Lowes)

Counter top before resin glaze (and in a very cool light)

This was my counter top before.....looked like cracked egg shells. Nice but not stunning.

My method:
I used one size brush to pounce a dark shade of paint all over the counter top, then some black, then the next shade lighter then the lightest shade. I made sure to do it while all paint was still wet and where the paints would kind of mix together a little. Then do the same process with a smaller brush, each size brush you have until most of the surface is covered in paint splotches. At this point I was highly looked awful. Until I took the largest brush and brushed from left to right across the paint. Then I used the scrunched up grocery sack to pounce the paint again and help blend the lines caused by the brush. I also used the scraper to scrap/blend the paints together. I just wanted to get away from that pounced paint look. lol!

I let that paint cure for about a week then covered it in resin. Here are a few things I learned from this process.
*Do the sides of your counter top first!
*Mix enough to pour all of your area at once if it's all workable at the same time
*DO NOT TURN A FAN ON IT! Dust is a huge will stick and show up. Keep floating things to a minimum.
*Put down protective barriers to catch drips
*Periodically wipe the drips off the edges. It's easier now than later.

I know it doesn't look like real granite but whatever it looks like, I really like it! I think the metallic paint makes it pop! Along with the thick, shiny resin.

I would love to see your projects if you try this!

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