Peplum Shirt Tutorial!

Eeeek! It's done! Such as it is. I hope it's legible....let me know if I need to clarify it or do a photo tutorial. Since it was quite long I broke it up into two videos. One is how to make a pattern out of a shirt that fits you. The second video is how to put it together.

The peplum shirt video tutorial!

The, ugh.......dress.

So yeah I'm a white and gold gal. Even when I see the photos where the cool color cast has been enhanced I can still see that it is originally a gold and white dress. So I played with the photos in photoshop. I'll show you my results. I really tried to make the dress black and blue but it's obviously not those colors so it doesn't work.

Here we have what I've seen labeled as the original photo in the middle. I took that one and added more blue in curves and made it darker. Photo #2 is the "original". This experiment shows that you can take a photo of a gold and white dress and pull the blue color cast out and make it darker. Now lets take the "black and blue" dress that I found a photo of on the web and see if I can make it gold and white. :)

Photo 1: the original blue and black version found on the web.
Photo 2: I tried to pull the blue and black out and make it white and gold....didn't work
Photo 3: I inverted the blue and black dress and it turned gold and white but notice the lace is white instead of gold like the dress photo that is making its obviously the dress is GOLD AND WHITE! 


Now I can carry on with more important things since I've gotten that off my chest. ;)


We are in the process of adding two bedrooms and moving the existing bathroom and we decided we wanted a vessel sink. So instead of buying a new counter top I decided to try and paint the one that came with the vanity when we built the house years ago. We had not used it or cut a hole in because we bought a sink/vanity top that was one piece. Sooo...after reading several blogs and friends advice I decided to try it. I am very happy with it! I'm now wanting to do my kitchen counters, just trying to decide on the colors. Below are the supplies I used and what worked for me......I hate to keep reblogging something someone else has blogged about but maybe I can add something to someone's research.

1-2 cans of gold spray paint (I used this as my primer)
2 bottles each of 3 different shades of acrylic paint (I used metallic paint...luscious!)
Black acrylic paint
Various size paint brushes
Plastic grocery sacks
Resin (mine was around $20 from Lowes)

Counter top before resin glaze (and in a very cool light)

This was my counter top before.....looked like cracked egg shells. Nice but not stunning.

My method:
I used one size brush to pounce a dark shade of paint all over the counter top, then some black, then the next shade lighter then the lightest shade. I made sure to do it while all paint was still wet and where the paints would kind of mix together a little. Then do the same process with a smaller brush, each size brush you have until most of the surface is covered in paint splotches. At this point I was highly looked awful. Until I took the largest brush and brushed from left to right across the paint. Then I used the scrunched up grocery sack to pounce the paint again and help blend the lines caused by the brush. I also used the scraper to scrap/blend the paints together. I just wanted to get away from that pounced paint look. lol!

I let that paint cure for about a week then covered it in resin. Here are a few things I learned from this process.
*Do the sides of your counter top first!
*Mix enough to pour all of your area at once if it's all workable at the same time
*DO NOT TURN A FAN ON IT! Dust is a huge will stick and show up. Keep floating things to a minimum.
*Put down protective barriers to catch drips
*Periodically wipe the drips off the edges. It's easier now than later.

I know it doesn't look like real granite but whatever it looks like, I really like it! I think the metallic paint makes it pop! Along with the thick, shiny resin.

I would love to see your projects if you try this!

Men's to Mine Shirt video tutorial DIY

After eyeballing some shirts my husband was done with I came up with this more flattering style to remake. This takes minimal skill and time and the results are rewarding! Hopefully the video is self explanatory, if not leave a comment and I'll try to clarify any questions.

Next video tutorial is the super flattering and fun Peplum shirt!

Happy creating!

Beauty + You. Inspiration

It's so easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves and lives with others....especially with the prevalence of social media. There is always someone that is prettier, has more money and opportunity, more creative, more exciting, etc. It defeats our self worth when we constantly compare ourselves. I have been thinking about self esteem and about how much is a good thing? When does it turn in to a bad thing? Is there really such a thing as too much? Does too much self esteem turn into arrogance or is that something entirely separate? I've pondered these things for a week because I could use a little more self esteem in many areas......I don't want to come across to my children as being ashamed of myself but yet I don't want so much that I appear arrogant. Whew, this is a deep subject, one that I can easily over think. I want my children to be self assured but not arrogant and narcissistic. This quote really spoke to me since my mind has been thinking in this beautiful is someone that is quietly self assured? That kind of self esteem comes from our trust in confidence in our creator I think......I mean how could it not? We are created in his likeness! This is something I want to focus on and help my children grasp in this upcoming year. What are your thoughts on this subject?

White Chocolate Mocha Recipe (Starbucks Copycat)

I don't know about you but I loooove Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha! McDonald's has come out with one too this year and it's not bad at all. I'll always prefer Starbucks though........might just be a mental thing. ;) But what I like most is the fact that I can now have a WCM any time I want! I tried the one on Pinterest that used white chocolate baking chips but it never tasted the same. Maybe I just didn't get the ratio's right? While shopping at Aldi last week my husband noticed they sell a white chocolate mocha creamer for $1.35! So we grabbed a bottle. Then we headed to walmart to pick up some starbucks coffee. I also found a bottle of caramel (because I always get a shot of caramel in my WCM) for $4.98. We then rushed home to brew our concoction (because he loves them as much as I do, ha!) The first cup was ummmm....not too bad but something was off......can we say the 7 tsps of caramel and the 6 tsp of creamer? Hahaha!! Every day I worked on our brew until I think I've got it pretty close. And I'm happy to share it with all my fellow wcm lovers. Let me know what you think and if it needs to be tweaked further. I'm not a coffee drinker so I don't like the harsh coffee can tweak this to your liking.

1. Ingredients. Not shown: sugar and the coffee brewed

2. Heat 1/2 c milk til steaming

3. Add 3 tsp of caramel. Or to taste.

4. Add 2 tsp white chocolate mocha creamer
5. Add 1 tsp sugar (if desired)

6. Pour brewed coffee til the mug is full, stir and enjoy! 

White Chocolate Mocha Recipe (Starbucks Copycat)

1/2 c milk heated/steaming
3 tsp. caramel
2 tsp. white chocolate mocha creamer
1 tsp. sugar
Brewed coffee

Heat the milk in the microwave or stovetop til steaming. Add the remaining ingredients, stir and enjoy!

Cork Map Ornament DIY

Thanks for stopping by! I have a sweet little DIY for you today. A map ornament made out of cork. And the great part about this project? The little map corks come in a two pack! One for you and one for a friend. :) A few words before we get started. I didn't keep the package that these came in so I don't know the brand name......but they were from Hobby Lobby in the scrap booking section for $2.99 I think. You will need the following items.

Map cork die cuts
E6000 glue
Ornament hooks (2)
Lace or string
Cardstock or something stiff for the back
Fine tip marker
Something sharp to poke a tiny hole in the tops (I used a cake tester). A Xacto might work.

1. Trace around the map on cardstock.

2. Cut out the shape cutting inside the line. It needs to be slightly smaller than actual map.

3. Spread E6000 on the cardstock map and make sure you put the glue on the correct side (speaking from experience here, ha!). Make sure to do this in a well ventilated area. This stuff is toxic!

4. Put the pieces together. Make sure the cardstock map is smaller.

5. Using your pointy object ie: cake tester or xacto cut a small hole in each corner. Be super careful because it could tear at this point.

6. Using your fine tip marker, write whatsoever your heart desires....:) I made hearts for the part of each state my ornament exchangee and I live in.

7. Not shown: insert ornament hooks and tie your ribbon or string to the hook. This helps it hang level and keeps your holes from being torn.

8. Write whatever sweet note you want on the back.......if desired. :)

9. Give and enjoy!