The, ugh.......dress.

So yeah I'm a white and gold gal. Even when I see the photos where the cool color cast has been enhanced I can still see that it is originally a gold and white dress. So I played with the photos in photoshop. I'll show you my results. I really tried to make the dress black and blue but it's obviously not those colors so it doesn't work.

Here we have what I've seen labeled as the original photo in the middle. I took that one and added more blue in curves and made it darker. Photo #2 is the "original". This experiment shows that you can take a photo of a gold and white dress and pull the blue color cast out and make it darker. Now lets take the "black and blue" dress that I found a photo of on the web and see if I can make it gold and white. :)

Photo 1: the original blue and black version found on the web.
Photo 2: I tried to pull the blue and black out and make it white and gold....didn't work
Photo 3: I inverted the blue and black dress and it turned gold and white but notice the lace is white instead of gold like the dress photo that is making its obviously the dress is GOLD AND WHITE! 


Now I can carry on with more important things since I've gotten that off my chest. ;)

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