Cinnamon Pull apart Bread Recipe

Have you ever been to the bakery at Silver Dollar City and tried their cinnamon pull apart bread? It is to die for! People line up to get a loaf of this stuff. Cue this recipe......Cinnamon pull apart bread. I found a recipe on Pinterest and changed it a little. The original recipe was for Honey Pull apart Rolls by Love, Pomegrante House and don't get me wrong, they are GOOD! But I had been craving that cinnamon bread from SDC so I had to see if I could make it using this recipe. The original recipe was made by hand. I let my bread machine do the hard work for me and the dough turns out perfect every time!

Link to recipe here: click here.

To make in a bread machine I put the water in first, yeast, sugar and oil. Then mix the flour and salt and pour in on top. Set bread machine to dough setting and walk off. Once bread is kneading and rose once (my machine takes 1:30 minutes) punch the dough down and turn it out on a floured surface.
Roll dough out to 1/4" thick, melt a 1/2 stick of butter and spread over dough, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Cut into 2" squares or rectangles, stack up enough to fill a muffin tin or mini loaf pan keeping in mind that the dough will rise so they don't have to be filled with dough. I then turn my oven to the lowest temperature (170), when it reaches the temperature shut it off and open the door to let a little heat escape then put the pans of dough in to rise. Once they rise (around an hour) you can bake them (see original recipe for temp and bake time). Make a powered sugar icing and let it stand and thicken while the rolls bake. Drizzle over rolls and enjoy!

The bread machine takes the work out of this and makes perfect dough every single time!


  1. Your link to the recipe under the first photo does not work.

  2. Your link to the recipe under the first photo does not work.