Cork Map Ornament DIY

Thanks for stopping by! I have a sweet little DIY for you today. A map ornament made out of cork. And the great part about this project? The little map corks come in a two pack! One for you and one for a friend. :) A few words before we get started. I didn't keep the package that these came in so I don't know the brand name......but they were from Hobby Lobby in the scrap booking section for $2.99 I think. You will need the following items.

Map cork die cuts
E6000 glue
Ornament hooks (2)
Lace or string
Cardstock or something stiff for the back
Fine tip marker
Something sharp to poke a tiny hole in the tops (I used a cake tester). A Xacto might work.

1. Trace around the map on cardstock.

2. Cut out the shape cutting inside the line. It needs to be slightly smaller than actual map.

3. Spread E6000 on the cardstock map and make sure you put the glue on the correct side (speaking from experience here, ha!). Make sure to do this in a well ventilated area. This stuff is toxic!

4. Put the pieces together. Make sure the cardstock map is smaller.

5. Using your pointy object ie: cake tester or xacto cut a small hole in each corner. Be super careful because it could tear at this point.

6. Using your fine tip marker, write whatsoever your heart desires....:) I made hearts for the part of each state my ornament exchangee and I live in.

7. Not shown: insert ornament hooks and tie your ribbon or string to the hook. This helps it hang level and keeps your holes from being torn.

8. Write whatever sweet note you want on the back.......if desired. :)

9. Give and enjoy!

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